BBC Radio 3 Late Junction: Equiknoxx’s Mixtape

Jennifer Lucy Allan shares a mixtape curated by Time Cow, part of the forward-thinking Jamaican collective Equiknoxx. Plus avant-garde Tuareg folk and Japanese improv from 1982.

Jennifer Lucy Allan shares a mixtape curated by Time Cow, one member of the forward-thinking Jamaican collective Equiknoxx. Based in Kingston, Equiknoxx are a group of producers and vocalists who blend dancehall with eclectic samples, glitchy rhythms and other experiments in sound. The collective has been around for over a decade and is currently a five-piece, with founding members Gavin ‘Gavsborg’ Blair and Bobby Blackbird, vocalists Shanique Marie and Kemikal Splash, and long-time producer Jordan Chung aka Time Cow. Time Cow compiles the mixtape on behalf of the group, reflecting their varied influences and tastes, from Ennio Morricone to the dancehall vibes of Buccaneer, taking in Japanese psych, library music, French pop along the way.

Elsewhere in the show, there’ll be cosmic country guitar from Bobby Lee, experimental Tuareg folk from Sahel trio Les Filles de Illighadad, and some loose crooning dubs from Keith Hudson. Plus an unearthed live recording of Japanese underground musician Phew performing with sound artists John Duncan and Tatsuo Kondo in 1982 at Tokyo’s Hosei University.

Produced by Katie Callin
A Reduced Listening Production for BBC Radio 3

1 Keiji Haino & The Hardy Rocks – My Generation

2 Time Cow & RTKAL – Elephant Man

3 Paola Torres Núñez Del Prado & The People Of Tupicocha – To Wear Quipus Or Cables

4 Les Filles de Illighadad – Eghass Malan

5 Moon Reflecting – Once Nurtured Earth Nostalgia

6 Deng Fu Mei & Zhang Wu Mei – Kai Tian Pi Di (Open The Sky)

7 Peter Zummo – Tone Bone Kone

8 Keith Hudson – I Can’t Do Without You

9 Keith Hudson – Still Need You Dub

10 Bobby Lee – Four Skies Above

11 Puppy Disco O – Last Of The Mohicans

12 Equiknoxx – Enter A Raffle Win A Falafel

13 Billy Cobham – Crosswind

14 Buccaneer – Soca Nama

15 Equiknoxx – Porridge Should Be Brown Not Green

16 Osamu Kitajima – Benzaiten (God Of Music And Water)

17 André Popp – Jalousie

18 Ennio Morricone – Il bisturi

19 Jim Tarbutton & The Memphis Sound – The Mysterians

20 Alan Hawkshaw – Solar Energy

21 Ichiko Hashimoto – Sculptured Blue

22 Buccaneer – Interlude – Dancehall Vibes

23 Apache Chief & Sarge – Excerpts

24 Black Uhuru – Shine Eye Gal

25 Billy Cobham – Bolinas

26 Letta Mbulu – Down By The River

27 P. Willsher & K. Chesher – Veteran Car

28 Buffy Sainte‐Marie – The Dream Tree

29 Félicia Atkinson – Lush

30 Roger Robinson & The Black Space Quartet – You Know

31 Phew, John Duncan & 近藤達郎 – Backfire

32 foodman – Gallery Cafe

33 Ayuune Sule – Life Is A Journey

34 Irma Thomas – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Will Understand)

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