BBC Radio 3 Late Junction: Island Meditations and Shoegaze Bluegrass … anhören …

Verity Sharp shares electroacoustic soundscapes of rural Greece, traditional meditations from the island of Grande Comore and shoegaze bluegrass from Bristol.

Verity Sharp shares the electroacoustic soundscapes of rural Greece from Athens-born Tasos Stamou, who aims to capture the essence of the countryside by collaging antique folk instruments with synthesizers. There’ll be dusty industrial lamentations described as shoegaze bluegrass from Bristol’s Ambulance vs Ambulance, as well as electro-pop Sprechgesang from Glasgow duo Human Heads. Plus there’s brand new live recordings from the island of Grande Comore, the largest island in the Comoros near Madagascar, of meditations performed on traditional instruments the ndzendze and the gambussi.

Elsewhere there’s a collaboration between multi-instrumentalists Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe and Ariel Kalma, recorded outside a remote community on the eastern Australian coast, that explores ‘environmental ambience and entrancing naturalism’.

Produced by Katie Callin
A Reduced Listening Production for BBC Radio 3

1 Stick in the Wheel – Nine Herbs Charm

2 Dialect – Feathers Dance

3 Ambulance vs. Ambulance – You Were Always On My Mind (feat. Abul-Loul the Singer)

4 Yelfris Valdés – Canto Congo

5 Yelfris Valdés – Aceleyo Aña

6 Nakul Krishnamurthy – Lal̩itam Varn̩n̩am Asuram

7 Kemper Norton – crowshensa

8 Richard Thompson – The New St. George

9 Countryman – Confrontation

10 Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe & Ariel Kalma – Strange Dreams

11 Anna B Savage, Geordie Greep, Hinako Omori & Sam Potter – Alluring Ponytail Dream

12 Equiknoxx – Jump! (feat. Shanique Marie, Gavsborg, Bobby Blackbird & Time Cow)

13 Krononaut – Trypography

14 Τάσος Στάμου – A woman’s moan

15 Phurpa – 03

16 Himukalt – I No Longer Belong

17 Comorian – Bandits Are Doing Bad Deeds

18 Shiva Feshareki & Johannes Volk – Composition No.1 (Johannes Volk Remix)

19 Jim Ghedi – Son David

20 Sophie Fetokaki – Bist Du Bei Mir

21 human heads – diana and poala

22 Jeich Ould Badu & Ahmedou Ahmed Lewla – Tirss

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