BBC Radio 3 Late Junction: Lateness highlights and bicycle music … anhören …

We continue to plunder the recordings from our Lateness stage at TUSK Virtual, an annual festival in the north east that focuses on left-of-centre music. In partnership with Radio 3’s programme Freeness, we handpicked three exciting acts from the region: Anglo-American folk duo Cath and Phil Tyler; composer and turntablist Mariam Rezaei and electronic artist Stephen Bishop; and new jazz quartet Caröm.

Expect more off cuts from their live performances plus unique collaborations which mix and match members from each ensemble: think turntables colliding with traditional vocals; improvised double bass with folk guitar. Elsewhere we have Kate Carr and Sheryl Cheung’s music made from bicycles; Los Angeles-based musician Ana Roxanne’s ambient explorations of her intersex identity; and reflections on Malian society in a brand new release from singer Nahawa Doumbia. Produced by Katie Callin and Alannah Chance. A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3.


1 Robert Wyatt – P.L.A.

2 ARURMUKHA – grams‘ grab [grams‘ grave]

3 Sun Ra Arkestra – Angels and Demons at Play

4 Cork Sacred Harp – 47b Idumea

5 Salma Al Assal – Ennaya


7 Caröm – Networks of the Hemispheres

8 Caröm – Rustling Bromeliads

9 evicshen – Funhouse Mirror Stage

10 Maarja Nuut & Sun Araw – 144.000 Rose Petals

11 Atanas Georgi Gergov – Snoshti Minaha Prez Selo Turtsi – Drugovertsi

12 Twinkle³ – Bodea 998

13 Nahawa Doumbia – Blonda Yirini

14 Mary Halvorson’s Code Girl – The Lemon Trees (feat. Robert Wyatt)

15 Sarah Davachi – Stations II

16 Mariam Rezaei & Cath Tyler – Jaw Drop

17 I.P.A. – Go Greta

18 Rose Bonica – I’m Ready but They Don’t Want Me

19 Melina Soulala – Tsiky Dhona

20 Kate Carr & Sheryl Cheung – Cycling

21 Saul Williams – Horn Of The Clock-Bike

22 Ana Roxanne – Untitled

23 The Space Lady – From The Womb To The Tomb

24 Phil Tyler, Andy Champion & Christian Alderson – The Agrestic Order

25 The Incidental Crack – We All Feel Happier Now

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