Cuneiform: Deus Ex Machina – Cinque / Dieses Wochenende für FIVE

„The growth of the music has been constant in the band’s career, making it difficult to compare what have become stages in an evolving work. …This remains pure Deus Ex Machina — lyrical, provoking, and genre-pushing…

Like previous opuses, this album requires a certain number of listens before any melody has a chance to gel in your mind but, when it does, it becomes very powerful. Of course, the music is propelled and dominated by Alberto Piras’ riveting operatic voice.”“ – All Music Guide 

One of the finest avant/progressive bands in the world today, Deus Ex Machina have carved out an enviable reputation with their amazingly high energy live shows and their incredible previous live & studio albums.
They are an Italian sextet of vocals, violin, Hammond organ/Fender Rhodes piano/Arp Odyssey synth, guitar, bass and drums.
All of the players are top notch, but, as we all know, the most attention is always paid to the vocalist, & in Alberto Piras, who sings in both Latin and Italian (!), Deus Ex Machina have one of the greatest voices in rock ever.
Cinque is their fifth studio work, and is a astonishing, heady blend of jazz/rock fusion with heavy progressive rock. This is the first album by D.E.M. released outside of Italy, and I can not begin to tell you how proud we are to have them on Cuneiform.

Released May 7, 2002

Alessandro Porreca – bass
Claudio Trotta – drums
Bonez Buonetti – violin
Fabrizio Puglisi – keyboards
Marino Collina – guitar
Alberto Piras – vocals

Luigi Svino – bass on 6
Fabio Cocchi – violin
Nicola Rosso – viola
Enrico Guerzoni – cello

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