Alex Simu Quintet 11.05.2017 Live At Bimhuis

‘The soundscape is very special: Alex Simu’s music organically blends in with the moving rocks, buzzing mosquitoes and other, more obscure sounds’ (NRC on the film Beyond Sleep)

‘In the end composition is key, and Arifa’s compositions, most of which mere written by Alex Simu, are breathtakingly beautiful’ (Mixedworldmusic).

Alex Simu Quintet

Alex Simu: clarinet/bassclarinet,

George Dumitriu: guitar/viola,

Franz von Chossy: piano,

Jörg Brinkman: cello,

Kristijan Krajncan: drums/cello

Romanian clarinet and saxophone player Alex Simu reflects on his native Bucharest with his international jazz group from Amsterdam.
‘Undoubtedly virtuosic with an emotional depth you would expect from a veteran like Ivo Papasov’ (de Volkskrant).

Presentation: Vera Vingerhoeds
Recording: Jurre Wieman

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