BBC Radio 3 Freeness: jazz re:freshed

Corey and Adam Moses from jazz re:freshed share tracks with each other. jazz re:freshed is a movement that began in 2003 as a weekly live music residency in west London and has since grown into a multi-faceted organisation. 

 It aims to challenge elitism and prejudice within the jazz community and bring the colourful, expressive and creative world of jazz to the people. Corey and Adam become musical sparring partners as they play each other tracks that ignite a joyful conversation.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

1 Project X – Brave Games

2 Yussef Dayes – Othello

3 WDX – Feeds Newest Bother

4 1000 Kings – The Drop

5 Lord Pretender – Human Race

6 Ty – Somehow Somewhere Someway

7 Vibration Black Finger – Acting For Liberation (Part I)

8 Myriad Forest – Luqman

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