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BBC Radio 3 Freeness: Mixed-ability improvisation with Maggie Nicols

Corey Mwamba talks to vocalist Maggie Nicols about her long-running improvisation meet-up, The Gathering, and her new solo album, Creative Contradiction: Poetry, Story, Song and Sound.

Starting in 1991, The Gathering is an invitation for anyone interested in free improvisation to come along and take part in a 90-minute experience guided by the principle that you use your skills and experience to create group excellence.

Plus, there’s frenetic high energy from American saxophonist and bandleader Jean Toussaint on his 1992 album What Goes Around; and on a new release by Adam Morford and Anne Lanzilotti, a metal sound sculpture that looks like a giant cow-bell with springs and wires attached is joined by analogue tape loops, viola and guitar to create a doom-laden sound world.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

1 Kebrou – Banjey ‚Boogie‘

2 Matt Ridley – Suite Part 2: Stranger Things

3 Matthew Goodheart and Broken Ghost Consort – Refraction Interlude: clarinet

4 The Gathering – Beauty and the Beast

5 Maggie Nicols – The Guest House

6 Jean Toussaint – Brother Joe

7 Anne Lanzilotti and Adam Morford – Herman’s House

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