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BBC Radio 3 Late Junction: Sam Shalabi and Angel Bat Dawid in session .. anhören ..

Verity Sharp presents this month’s Late Junction collaboration session, where we pair together two artists who have never met before and invite them to collaborate remotely. 

Sam Shalabi is an Egyptian-Canadian oud player and improviser living between Montreal and Cairo. His work incorporates traditional Arabic forms alongside noise, free improvisation and jazz and spans several different groups: Shalabi Effect; Land of Kush and The Dwarves of East Agouza to name a few. Here he brings his open-eared approach to a collaboration with fellow traveller and ‘spiritual jazz soothsayer’ Angel Bat Dawid.

Angel Bat Dawid is a shape shifting multi-instrumentalist and composer. She is primarily a clarinettist but also works with vocals, piano and percussion and improvises with an assortment of different musicians across the Chicago jazz scene. Her work is rooted in a spiritual vision of what music can achieve.

Plus binaural recordings of water on polyester, metal and skin courtesy of Barcelona-based sound artist Daphne X, sparkly disjointed pop from Finland’s Jonna Karanka aka Kuupuu, and ‘pastoral metal’ in the form of the latest offering from cellist Oliver Coates.

Produced by Katie Callin.
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3.

1 Duval Timothy – Through The Night

2 Saul Williams – Underground

3 Λένα Πλάτωνος – An Unsolved Exercise in Physics

4 Jake Blount – Goodbye, Honey, You Call That Gone

5 Angel Bat Dawid & Sam Shalabi – Sekhmet

6 Bessie Jones & Georgia Sea Island Singers – The Devil Been to My House Today

7 Daphne X – First the Thirst

8 Kit Downes, Soojin Suh & Ruth Goller – Nobody Could Be 100% Sure About The Last Tiger

9 Angel Bat Dawid & Sam Shalabi – Earth Tone

10 Angel Bat Dawid & Sam Shalabi – The Hidden Ones

11 Syrinx – December Angel

12 UKAEA – Salt To Sea

13 Jlin – Black Origami

14 Kuupuu – Summer (feat. Draama‐Helmi)

15 Oliver Coates – Honey

16 Soccer96 & Alabaster dePlume – I Was Gonna Fight Fascism

17 Heroes Are Gang Leaders – Hurt Cult

18 YATTA – solar

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