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BCC Radio 3 – Freeness: A Revelation of Light

Corey Mwamba presents music that brings light in times of darkness. Night turns into day with a ritualistic awakening from Mexican group Produtziones Aldabar and Peruvian artist Miguel Flores explores pachacuti – an Andean concept of renewal, rebirth and reversal – on his 1983 album Primitivo.

We couldn’t programme a show on this theme without including the greatest giver of light, Sun Ra. Corey selects something from his symphonic jazz album The Pleiades, which is dedicated to the nearest star cluster to Earth, the constellation Taurus. Photo by Stuart Chalmers Produced by Rebecca Gaskell A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

1 Laura Cannell & Kate Ellis – One Star Awake

2 Stuart Chalmers – 2 May 8

3 Glen Leach – 7. 6. 20

4 The Sun Ra Arkestra & Chamber Orchestra – Lights On A Satellite

5 Héloïse Werner & Colin Alexander – time // time

6 Produtziones Aldabar – vakna

7 her&her – Conch

8 Miguel Flores – Pachacuti

9 Us & The Moon – Wave 5

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