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Free Jazz Blog’s 2019 Top 10s

Jedes Jahr Ende Dezember, die Listen sind schon geschrieben, kommt diese Liste und die Listen der einzelnen die für den Free Jazz Blog schreiben. Und immer wenn ich sie lese, denke ich, das alles war auch noch dieses Jahr zu hören ….! Nehmt Euch viel Zeit !

This past year has been a dynamic one for the blog: we welcomed a bunch of new ears to the collective, received over 2000 recordings and requests for reviews, and counted over 1.63 million pageviews. We reported on festivals in the USA (Big EarsNo IdeaVision Fest and Winter Jazz Fest) and Europe (Wels Unlimited, Jazz em AgostoJazzfest BerlinA L’armeJazz Festival Saarbrücken) and even attended a few others, but in disguise. As always, the incredible amount of excellent new recordings, from the established masters to the newcomers, along with a plethora of historical recordings and issues continues to humble and astound. © Free Jazz Blog


  • Anna Webber – Clockwise (Pi Recordings)
  • Bill Dixon & Cecil Taylor – Duets 1992 (Triple Point Records)
  • Christian Lillinger: Open Form for Society (Plaist)
  • David Torn, Tim Berne & Ches Smith – Sun Of Goldfinger (ECM)
  • Derek Bailey/Han Bennink/Evan Parker – Topographie Parisienne, Dunois, April 3d, 1981 (Fou Records)
  • Eliane Radigue- Occam Ocean 2 (Shiiin)*(review forthcoming)
  • Fire! Orchestra – Arrival (Rune Grammofon)
  • Jaimie Branch – Fly Or Die II: Bird Dogs of Paradise (International Anthem)
  • James Brandon Lewis – An UnRuly Manifesto (Relative Pitch)
  • Jessica Pavone String Ensemble – Brick and Mortar (Birdwatcher Records)
  • Matana Roberts – Coin Coin Chapter Four: Memphis (Constellation Records)
  • Microtub – Chronic Shift (Bohemian Drips)
  • Nate Wooley – Columbia Icefield (Northern Spy)
  • Susan Alcorn, Joe McPhee & Ken Vandermark – Invitation To a Dream (Astral Spirits)
  • Whit Dickey / The Tao Quartets – Box of Light & Peace Planet (AUM Fidelity)

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