Lucky LPH 474 – Home is Where the Hatred is (1971-2020)

Versions of the song written by Gil Scott-Heron. Gespielt von u.a. Eugene Chadbourne, Brian Jackson, Brian Ritchie, Anita Lane,  The Archives feat. Puma Ptah,  Charenee Wade feat. Stefon Harris, Esther Phillips, Fiona Renshaw.


(1971) Gil Scott-Heron
(1972) Esther Phillips
(1976) Gil Scott-Heron + Brian Jackson
(1992) Paul Ubana Jones
(1994) Bossa Nostra feat. Vicki Anderson
(1999) Tam White + Boz Burrell
(2000) Anita Lane
(2003) Fiona Renshaw
(2003) Jean-Jacques Milteau + Gil Scott-Heron
(2006) Eugene Chadbourne, Brian Jackson, Brian Ritchie, Victor DeLorenzo, Molly Chadbourne
(2011) James Chance + Les Contortions
(2011) The James Taylor Quartet
(2015) Charenee Wade feat. Stefon Harris
(2015) Noa May
(2017) Sean Wheeler
(2018) Tracye Eileen
(2020) The Archives feat. Puma Ptah

total time: 75’27

Homed by Lucky.
Cover photo by Donna Ferrato („Six-year-old child Diamond shouts at his father as the police arrest him for domestic violence, Minneapolis, 1986.“; from an article by Guy Lane, The Guardian, 2019).
Dedicated to respectful, non-violent relationships.

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