Lucky LPH 483 – Extreme Music (1972-97)

Das Extreme steckt in den Titeln… 😉 Wir hören Musik von u.a. Henri Chopin, Ennio Morricone, P. O. Jørgens & The Frydenlund Percussion Ensemble, Yasushi Akutagawa, 2 Player, Colette Magny & Le Groupe Dharma. Eine verrückte Auswahl.


(1972) Jean-Claude Roché – Amazonian Forests in the Extreme South, Venezuela (Gran Sabana)
(1973) E. M. T. – Extreme Musik Truppe Zircus
(1973) Ensemble Jacques Feuillie – C’est un grand mal que l’extrême avarice (Claude Le Jeune)
(1974) Henri Chopin – Extrême tension
(1976) Colette Magny + Le Groupe Dharma – L’Extrême-Orient
(1977) Yasushi Akutagawa – Extreme Situation (OST Village of 8 Gravestones)
(1979) Keith Hudson – One Extreme to Another
(1983) Ennio Morricone – Le Marginal (Extreme Tension) (OST Le Marginal)
(1988) Extra Hot Sauce – Extreme Hatred
(1992) Musci/Venosta – Extreme Fringes of the World Music Trades Union
(1995) 2 Player – Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ Mix)
(1997) P. O. Jørgens + The Frydenlund Percussion Ensemble – Connecting with People (The Extreme Political Correctness)
(1997) The Recyclers – Extrême de chez B. J.

total time: 44’33

Extremed by Lucky.
Cover by Lucky.
Dedicated to hidden extremists.

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