„Luedji Luna“ Live At Bimhuis 04.06.2019

Discover Luedji Luna, the new diva of Brazilian music, a singer with a powerful appearance and a delicate voice, full of nostalgia towards her Afro-Brazilian roots. Luedji Luna transmits serenity in her singing and dancing, where everything happens in an natural, organic way, creating a powerful atmosphere.

With her songs and poetic lyrics she sheds new light on the African origins of Brazilian music, something that is often disregarded in the current Brazilian culture. She surrounds herself with musicians coming from various backgrounds, for example a Cuban bassist, a Kenyan guitarist and a Swedish percussionist, who move between all kinds of styles, from traditional music to Brazilian pop and jazz.

Luedji Luna: vocals
François Muleka: guitar/ backing vocals
Aniel Sommelian: acoustic bass / electric bass
Kato Change: guitar
Rudson Daniel: percussion
Lenynha Oliveira: percussion

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