„Aruan Ortiz“ Live at Bimhuis 25.1.2017 // Die „neue Stimme“ am Klavier im letzten Jahr !!!

This spring sees the release of the new solo album by pianist Aruán Ortiz, a rising star from the jazz and improvised music scene of Brooklyn, New York. As a solo pianist he left his mark with his impressive album Cub(an)ism, released last year on Swiss quality label Intakt.


The Cuban-born musician incorporates different forms in his compositions, resulting in a unique new style. It reflects his fascination for modern classical music as well as Afro-Cuban traditions, and for great jazz innovators such as Ornette Coleman and Thelonious Monk.


‘Aruán Ortiz weaves multiple strands of tradition through his music, with an endgame of deep mystification. A creative force’ (New York Times).



Aruan Ortiz – Piano

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