BBC 3 Freeness: Improvising with the Australian outback

Allis Hamilton describes how Australia’s wildfires have affected her as an improviser. Plus a meditative piece that improvises with volume, for turntables and electronics.

Allis Hamilton is an artist living in a hand-built shack in the Australian outback. She makes improvised music in a trio called Alias Nun who are inspired by the aural soundscapes of the surrounding bush. Even though their home is far away from the wildfires plaguing the country, there are days when the air is thick with smoke. Allis describes how the complex emotions these devastating fires arouse can find an outlet in improvised music.

Also on the show, saxophonist Mette Rasmussen creates some gorgeously gritty vocalisations through her instrument, in a duo with guitarist Julien Desprez, and there’s a meditative piece that improvises with volume for turntables and electronics. Presented by Corey Mwamba.

Link zum Player


1 Julie Kjaer 3 – 12.1.15 (feat. John Edwards & Steve Noble)

2 Mariam Rezaei & Nazli Tabatabai-Khatambakhsh – MEDEA [UNPLUGGED]

3 Alias Nun – Devotion

4 Stephen Shiell – Wood

5 Dan Banks, Jose Canha, Trevor Taylor & Josh Ison – Luminos Cloud

6 Mette Rasmussen & Julien Desprez – Clay On Your Skin

7 Tom Challenger – FLY FRIEND

8 MoonMot – Going Down The Well

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