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BBC 3 Freeness: Isolation Creations

Corey Mwamba presents saxophonist Caroline Kraabel’s response to social distancing and there’s a live recording of gyil player Bex Burch’s band Vula Viel at London’s Cafe Oto.

Corey Mwamba presents improvisers‘ responses to social distancing. Saxophonist Caroline Kraabel performs a solo piece alongside a ticking clock and there’s remote music-making from Kit Downes on piano, cellist Lucy Railton, bassist Petter Eldh and saxophonist Tom Challenger. Plus, a live recording of Bex Burch’s band Vula Viel which is centred around the sound of her gyil, a wooden xylophone from West Africa. Recorded at London’s Cafe Oto they were joined on stage by a special guest, the American composer and trombonist Peter Zummo.

A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3
Produced by Rebecca Gaskell


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1 Kit Downes, Petter Eldh, Lucy Railton & Tom Challenger – Vewes

2 Astral Travel – You Are From This Planet

3 Vula Viel & Peter Zummo – Stuck Place

4 Caroline Kraabel – Breath Clock 4 April 2020

5 London Improvisers Orchestra – Hive – Dedicated To Carole Finer

6 Liberty Ellman – Rubber Flowers

7 Chicago Underground Quartet – Strange Wing

8 Ross Lambert & John Russell – A Duet: Part 2

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