BBC 3: Late Junction – Roy Claire Potter and Park Jiha in session ! // Playlist lesen und anhören

Verity Sharp presents a collaboration between two artists who’ve never met before, writer and reader-outer Roy Claire Potter and Korean multi-instrumentalist Park Jiha.

Influenced by linguistics and performance theory, Roy Claire Potter’s work examines what it means to articulate. For this session, they bring a selection of texts to talk through, pick from and try out. Park Jiha creates exploratory music rooted in traditional Korean instrumental performance. To this session she brings three instruments: a Korean hammered dulcimer called a yanggeum, a saenghwang which is an instrument made of 24 slender bamboo pipes attached to a bowl and played like a harmonica and a double-reed bamboo flute called a piri, which sounds similar to an oboe. Also in the show, some shimmering music for a newly developed instrument called a magnetic resonator piano where electromagnets are placed above the strings in a concert grand piano. And a chance to hear Mira Calix’s piece Nunu written for the London Sinfonietta and a gathering of live insects. Produced by Rebecca Gaskell, Katie Callin and Alannah Chance A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

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박지하 – Arrival

2 dumama & kechou – mother time

3 Alabaster dePlume – Whisky Story Time

4 Squarepusher – Speedcrank

5 Orchestra Baobab – Doomou Baaye

6 Xenia Pestova – Actinium

7 Aki Onda – Flickering Lights

8 박지하 & Roy Claire Potter – Saenghwang for the milky boys

9 박지하 & Roy Claire Potter – Piri & Yanggeum for a flooded town

10 Dan Rosenboom – Forget What You Know

11 Francesco Guerri – Mimmi resisti

12 Leyla McCalla – Settle Down

13 Hans-Jürg Sommer – Moos-Ruef

14 Roger Eno & Brian Eno – Celeste

15 Alex Rex – Song of Self Doubt

16 Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow – Flame Of Fire

17 박지하 & Roy Claire Potter – Yanggeum for snapped ankle

18 Sky Bird – Pasolini’s Trembling

19 Athanasios Argianas – Hollowed Water

20 Eivind Aarset & Jan Bang – Asphalt Lake

21 Keeley Forsyth – Butterfly

22 Mira Calix & London Sinfonietta – Nunu (RFH Mix)

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