BBC Radio 3 – Freeness: Monuments

Corey Mwamba presents live sets performed in, and reflecting on, old monuments in Russia and France, plus Latin American-inspired psychedelia.

We hear a live set from The Urge Trio – saxophonists Keefe Jackson and Christopher Erb, alongside cellist Tomeka Reid – performing at the Masterskaya Anikushina community arts venue in St Petersburg, Russia. Here, they explore different facets of heroism, as inspired by the statues of 20th-century Russian revolutionaries through deep listening and subtle gestures. Another live set comes from Joëlle Léandre at the 2020 Souillac en Jazz festival in France, just before her seventieth birthday. It’s a stunning solo performance filled with vigour and light-bending grit, in the atmospheric surrounds of a church marked as an historic site predating the 17th century. Also in the programme, we dive into the ‘electric experimental assemblage’ world of the Canada-based Commander Gonzales, a project led by saxophonist Mark Allwood and drummer Paul Ciuk: expect Latin American polyrhythms and avant-garde psychedelia.

Produced by Tej Adeleye
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

1 Huw V Williams – Ail Lonyddiaeth

2 Jessica Ackerley – Part 2

3 Commander Goznalez – Beyond Capacity

4 Anthony Osborne – Abject

5 The Urge Trio – Eroe

6 Joëlle Léandre – Calès VII

7 NODS – Part 3

8 Big Bad Brotzmann Quintet – Bambule!

9 Catherine Sikora – Warrior ii: The Art of Repose

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