BBC Radio 3 Freeness: Sax and Drums

Corey Mwamba presents adventurous improvised music. This week features a series of tracks born out of a partnership between saxophone and drums. The group Alula grew out of several performances between the Brooklyn-based saxophonist Caroline Davis and drummer Greg Sanier. 

 On their album from 2019, they added synth player Matt Mitchell to the mix for an album inspired by the movement of a bird’s wing. And there’s music from a South Korean duo of saxophonist Daniel Ko and drummer Soojin Suh who begin their improvisations with folk and religious melodies, before launching into rapturous solos that are reminiscent of the drum and saxophone duos from the classic 60’s, free jazz era.

Elsewhere in the show, the longstanding duo ELDA (trumpeter Aaron Diaz and keyboardist Andrew Woodhead) welcome the saxophonist Faye MacCalman on to their latest record Hippocampinae, where live electronic soundscapes are created from the raw sounds of their instruments.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell and Gabriel Francis
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

1 Gary Bartz, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Adrian Younge – Spiritual Ideation

2 Antonio Neves – Forte Apache (feat. Hamilton de Holanda)

3 Daniel Ko & Soojin Suh – Birds of Ashes

4 Thijsenterprise – One For Poots

5 Zeitgeist & Tucceri – Tzimtzum

6 Mira Martin-Gray – Combinations in 3/8 (porcupine quill & bead earrings)

7 Caroline Davis – Remiges

8 Angel Bat Dawid & Tha Brothahood – Black Family

9 Elda – Patagonicus (feat. Faye MacCalman)

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