BBC Radio 3 Freeness – Sax and harp

Saxophonist Anthony Braxton duets with harpist Jacqueline Kerrod, plus a track from fiddle player Laura Cannell’s new album. Presented by Corey Mwamba.

Corey Mwamba presents a selection of adventurous improvised music. This week’s playlist features the saxophonist Anthony Braxton duetting with harpist Jacqueline Kerrod at the Angelica International Festival of Music in Bologna, a track from recorder player Laura Cannell’s new album, recorded inside Wapping Hydraulic Power Station, and exploratory new music from guitarist Otto Fischer.

A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3
Produced by Rebecca Gaskell
Photo by Margherita Caprilli

Link zum Player


1 Laura Cannell – A Space For Dreaming

2 Sarathy Korwar – Stayin‘ Alone

3 Otto Fischer – Moon

4 Anthony Braxton & Jaqueline Kerrod – Composition 189 – primary

5 MultiTraction Orchestra – emerge entangled

6 Ornette Coleman – The Jungle Is A Skyscraper

7 Susana Santos Silva, Torbjon Zetterberg & Hampus Lindwall – Electricity

8 JERKAGRAM & Martín Escalante – Glucklich Jazz

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