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BBC Radio 3 Freeness: Sonically submerged

Corey Mwamba presents two dark, ambient improvisations that evoke the feeling of being underwater, and some long-awaited new music from angular post-jazz group Let Spin.

Corey Mwamba presents two, dark ambient improvisations that evoke the feeling of being underwater. Firstly, shimmering electronic noise and bowed percussion from Diana Policarpo and secondly, trumpeter Yazz Ahmed joins keyboard player Jason Singh on a mellow, floating track from an album called Water Songs. Also in the show, a track from the long-awaited third album by the angular post-jazz group Let Spin, and a duo with a 33-year age gap from pianist Sullivan Fortner and bass player Rufus Reid.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

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1 Obadovic Tixier Duo – Dear You

2 Let Spin – Morecambe

3 Jasper Hoiby – Consciousness

4 Christian Lillinger’s Open Form For Society – Sisyphos / Laktat

5 Rufus Reid & Sullivan Fortner – Always In The Moment

6 Diana Policarpo – Water Gong

7 Jason Singh – Changes (feat. Yazz Ahmed)

8 Stefanie Kunckler Ymonos – In Vendita

9 Doc Wör Mirran – Hominine 1 (feat. Stadlmeier, Frans de Waard & Adrian Gormley)

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