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BBC Radio 3 Freeness: Finnish Blues

Saxophonist Jorma Tapio connects the traditions of shamanic songs and free jazz on his reinterpretation of the traditional songs from East Karelia. Originally a region of Finland, but now part of Russia, the area is famous for being populated by shamans, healers and players of the kantele, a Finnish stringed folk instrument that was a fundamental part of the local music scene for centuries.

Also in the show, the first album recorded by humans and produced by birds. Growing up in a musicians home, the non-human artist tandem that is Kakaduu (two parrots: Säuks and Präuks) became unique experts on music and were offered the opportunity to produce an album by the free improvising trio WIG. Plus, a mesmerising piece by the violin and double bass duo Vilde&Inga. Presented by Corey Mwamba. Produced by Rebecca Gaskell

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1 Okay Temiz – Black Sea Waves (Karadeniz Dalgari)

2 Herschel 36 – Gigelorum

3 Vilde & Inga – Silfr

4 Matana Roberts – Trail of the Smiling Sphinx

5 WIG – The Weight of all these Memories

6 Jorma Tapio – Reppurin Laulu

7 Petero Kalule – Parting

8 Greetje Bijma – Donaudampfschiff

9 Milo Fine – The Acceptance of Sorrow

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