BBC Radio 3 Late Junction: Laugh a Minute … anhören ….

Verity Sharp plays songs to put a smile on your face with music that uses the sound of laughter, from shamanic rituals to kookaburras. Plus music made inside the womb.

Verity Sharp plays songs to put a smile on your face with music that uses the sounds of laughter. There’s the sacred cleansing songs of Peru’s Shipibo shamans from a ritual for happiness, and a 100-year-old recording of opera singers laughing with the accompanying cornetist. There’ll be field recordings of the world’s funniest bird and unsettling reinterpretations of TV sitcom laugh tracks from artist Rubén Patiño. Plus a slice of pulsing acid-house that fuses children’s laughter, French spoken word and North African pipes from Japanese electronic music pioneer Haruomi Hosono.

Elsewhere there’s music made from inside the womb with a debut album from Luca Yupanqui, whose musician parents used MIDI technology and synthesizers to translate her movements in utero into sound.

Produced by Katie Callin
A Reduced Listening Production for BBC Radio 3

1 Kan Kan – Laugh Clown Laugh

2 DJ Black Low – Vula Vala

3 Eli Keszler – Sudden Laughter, Laughter Without Reason

4 Shipibo Shamans – Icaro for Happiness

5 Lucie Bernardo & Otto Rathke – The Okeh Laughing Record

6 Frank Zappa – Muffin Man

7 Luca Yupanqui – V4.3 pt. 2

8 Fred Frith & Ikue Mori – Nothing to It

9 Anansy Cissé – Tiara

10 Adam Cadell & Carter Thornton – Just Ignore Ancient Technology and Remedies

11 Patiño – Skip The Line

12 Nubya Garcia – Hold (Alternate Take)

13 Hafez Modirzadeh – Facet Sorey

14 Sam Underwood – Cuica

15 Jonathan O’Gara – Tormentas in Mataelpino

16 Haruomi Hosono – Laugh-Gas

17 Las Lloronas – Me confío

18 Jana Winderen – Fish probably Tiger Perch, not 100% sure

19 Alpha Maid – SUM1

20 Éliane Radigue – Biogenesis

21 The Flaming Lips – I Can Be A Frog

22 James Lambert – Laughing Kookaburra

23 Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream


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