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BBC Radio 3 Late Junction: Limpe Fuchs’s mixtape

Verity Sharp presents a 30-minute mixtape compiled by the legendary musician and artist Limpe Fuchs. Her selections include R Carlos Nakai, Klaus Nomi, and Staff Benda Bilili.

Across a 40-year career Limpe Fuchs has pioneered a “no formalism” sound and visual performance style, improvising with handmade instruments and sonic sculptures. She has been cited as a key influence on the West German experimental rock scene of the 70s, and later the psychedelic underground of the 80s.

Also tonight, a chance to hear another improvisation recorded during a recent collaboration session between percussionist Sarathy Korwar and cellist Abel Selaocoe.

Produced by Jack Howson.
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3.

Link zum Player

1 Saul Williams – Fight Everything

2 Limpe Fuchs – Listen To The Sound

3 Sigourney – Weaver Bird

4 Manfredo Fest – Jungle Cat

5 Marcela Lucatelli & Jorgen Teller – Gastro Lieder 1

6 Trader Horne – Morning Way

7 Anima – The Weather

8 Limpe Fuchs – Occhio Quartet

9 Josef Anton Riedl – Nr.3

10 Paul Fuchs – Solo Horn

11 R. Carlos Nakai – Wioste Olowan Toki Ya

12 Abdu Dagir – Samai Kurd

13 Staff Benda Bilili – Moto Moindo

14 Occhio Quartet – Solo

15 Friedrich Gulda & Keith Jarrett – Meeting in the Studio 1984

16 Abass Abass, Alif & Wa Geuble – L’Afrique Terre Mere

17 Klaus Nomi – Total Eclipse

18 Limpe Fuchs – Holztrauer

19 The Trio – Let’s Stand

20 Vica Pacheco – La Jacarandau

21 Mulatu Astatke & Black Jesus Experience – Kulun Mankwaleshi

22 Abel Selaocoe & Sarathy Korwar – Elephant

23 Black Quantum Futurism – wading for the hour

24 Teodross Avery – Coltrane Van Halen

25 Vic Bang – Rim

26 Carmen Villain – Affection In A Time Of Crisis

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