BBC Radio Late Junction: Rubbish Music

It’s not just any old rubbish this week on Late Junction: Jennifer Lucy Allan dumpster dives to share music made from and inspired by the world of waste, rummaging through her bins to bring you music from instruments made of recycled materials and odes to waste management.

As London’s Design Museum launches their exhibition asking how we can reinvent our relationship with waste, Late Junction explores how artists have made music with and about literal rubbish. Embracing the concept of ‘one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure’, there’ll be plenty of music made by instruments created from things others have thrown away, from the likes of the Congolese eco-friendly collective Fulu Miziki, sculptor of found objects Lonnie Holley, and the plastic-obsessed electronic duo Matmos. There’ll be field recordings from a Materials Recovery Facility in Massachusetts, as well as the sounds of British post-punk trio Trash Kit. Plus brand new releases elsewhere in the show, including György Ligeti reimagined by a chorus of teenagers with composer Marina Rosenfeld and fuzzy ambience from Nigerian sound artist and violist Ibukun Sunday.

Produced by Katie Callin

A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

1 The Cramps – Garbageman

2 Ernst Karel – Materials Recovery Facility

3 Fungistanbul – Trash Oriental / Çer-Çöp Havası

4 Hence Therefore – Signal Drift 1

5 Lonnie Holley – Earthly Things

6 C Joynes – Barricades

7 Marina Rosenfeld – roygbiv&b (excerpt)


9 Juçara Marçal – Sem Cais

10 Sikiru Ayinde Barrister – New Fuji Garbage

11 Matmos – The Singing Tube

12 Bow Gamelan Ensemble – Massed Percussion

13 George Coleman – I Wish I Could Sing

14 Carola Baer – Maker Of Me

15 Trash Kit – Disco

16 FULU MIZIKI – Mokili Makambo (feat. Sekelembele)

17 Ibukun Sunday – Last Earth

18 Myriam Gendron – Shenandoah (II)

19 Milan Knížák – Composition N.2

20 Oneohtrix Point Never & Elizabeth Fraser – Tales From The Trash Stratum

21 Pamela Z – In The Other World

22 Benjamin Duvall – Piper at the crates of dawn

23 Carlos Niño – Thanking The Earth (feat. Nate Mercereau & Sam Gendel)

24 Rosie Lowe & Duval Timothy – He Hu

25 Aïsha Devi – The Favor Of Fire (Equiknoxx Remix) (feat. Gavsborg & Shanique Marie)

26 Adam Cadell – Surrounded by detritus to make new home in this my birth place

27 Rammellzee – Jamin Zabar Jamin Zabar

28 Barbara Lynn – Poor Old Trashman

29 Grouper – The way her hair falls

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