Bimhuis Radio 16.11.2017 „Mixed“ // PUNK.VRT.PLASTIK / ALEXANDER HAWKINS SOLO / MIXED (!!!)

For the October Meeting 2016 the Bimhuis invited 22 young improvisers to perform new works during three days. This international summit led to surprising duos, trios and larger ensembles. One year later, three formations will perform once again at the Bimhuis, featuring rising stars from Amsterdam, Berlin and London, among other places.



Kaja Draksler piano, Petter Eldh bass, Christian Lillinger drums

Alexander Hawkins piano

Kaja Draksler piano, Alexander Hawkins piano, Harald Austbø cello, Petter Eldh doublebass, Olie Brice doublebass, Onno Govaert drums, Christian Lillinger drums

‘Kaja Draksler, Petter Eldh and Christian Lillinger prove that the piano trio lineup will always remain relevant. The pianist lays the foundation with her wonderfully dissonant lines’ (JazzNu).

‘The concentrated trio set of Draksler, Eldh and Lillinger is breathtaking… there’s a wonderful performance of the composition mixed by pianists Draksler and Hawkins with cellist Austbø, double bassists Brice and Eldh, and drummers Lillinger and Govaert’ (Jazzenzo).

‘Mixed is remarkable with its lineup of two basses, two drummers, two pianists and cello. The piece starts with subdued bass and lyrical cello playing. When the two drummers join, a rhythmical structure unfolds with a leading role for the cello. While the two piano players add their different parts it becomes truly fascinating’ (Draai om je oren).

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