Einzigartige, weltweit einflussreiche Mischung aus Big Band und Kammerorchester, angetrieben von Hollands abenteuerlustigstem Schlagzeuger Han Bennink. Live übertragen am 03.10.2021.

In 1967, together with pianist/composer Misha Mengelberg, Han Bennink stood at the foundations of the versatile ICP Orchestra, which is currently known as one of the most creative groups in modern jazz. Mengelberg passed away in 2017, but his compositions are kept alive by a basically steady line-up. While Mengelberg’s oeuvre forms the basis, no ICP concert is ever the same.

The musicians of the ICP Orchestra have learned to deal with each other’s quirks, when it comes to timing and intonation. They know how to confuse each other, to bend or derail the music while performing. Because of that, the music is full of surprises, unexpected turns, flexible grace and weird eruptions.

Michael Moore: alto saxophone/clarinet
Ab Baars: tenor saxophone/clarinet
Tobias Delius: tenor saxophone
Wolter Wierbos: trombone
Thomas Heberer: trumpet
Mary Oliver: violin/viola
Tristan Honsinger: cello
Guus Janssen: piano
Ernst Glerum: bass
Han Bennink: drums

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