CD Tipp: SONOLOGYST – Ancient Death Cults and Beliefs

Outstanding dark ambient soundscapes with aspects of psychedelic horror. With its singular exploration of dark drone aural geography, this immersive sound frightens,entertains and transports the listener to nether realms. Highly recommended for those who do not fear the dark drone. Favorite track: Ceremony. Jonathan


released March 13, 2020

Sonologyst: electric guitars, electronics, sound processing. Ancient Egypt and Maya music samples.


Paulo Chagas: bass clarinet on „Anubis, House of dead Prince“ and soprano saxophone, processed by Sonologyst, on Primeval science.

Frans Kedes: synthesizers and voices on Purgatorium.

Dadang Dwi Septiyan: percussions on Anubis, House of dead Prince.

Mastering: Martin Bowes
Artwork: Abby Helasdottir
CD release by Cold Spring Records, March 2020
Digital release January 2015.
All release rights reserved.

Many thanks to Justin Mitchell, Paulo Chagas, Frans Kedes, Dadang Dwi Septiyan, for their special contributions and trusting the project.

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