CD TIPP: Vitor Joaquim – Nothingness / CD/DL Own Release 03

Wieder ein Musiker der mir bis jetzt verborgen geblieben ist. Die elektroakustische Musik von Vitor Joaquim hat mich in Ihrer Dichte und Intensität sofort in ihren Bann gezogen. In so einer Qualität habe ich dass lange nicht mehr gehört. Das Titelstück ‚Nowhere‘ sind 12 Minuten die man 2020 gehört haben muß.

Nicht zu vergessen die vorhergehende Produktion „Impermanence“ welche eine große Internationale Aufmerksamkeit erhielt und hervorragend besprochen wurde…

Joaquim has a great gift for drawing out rhythmic and melodic patterns from the shards of sound produced by his software” – Keith Moliné, The Wire

“Highly recommended“ – Boomkat

“Ein kleines Meisterwerk” – ms, Ikonen Magazine

This album comes in the wake of a search started on my previous album, Impermanence, as well as my HAN project (with Emídio Buchinho) in which I dive into the issues of interiority and the transformation and renewal of the world around us. Since nothing seems to resist the passage of time and yet everything seems to last as if time has not passed, this album is like a boat stranded in time, docked at a quay of forgotten places, where from time to time music is heard from past but soon fade like a mist carried by the sea breeze.
Everything is impermanent and can only be so. As if it were away, not here or there, lost everywhere, not expecting to know where it might be but be elsewhere and nowhere at the same time. Always knowing that here and now is the only moment in which we can truly live happiness. Vitor Joaquim

eleased December 27, 2019

All tracks written, played, produced and mastered by Vitor Joaquim at Xara, during 2017/19.
VJ: piano, voice, keyboards, electronics, singer table, guitar, hiss, humming, crackling.
Samples from: short wave radio, Stylophone (1970) courtesy of Dubreq Ltd (
Spectral allusions and inspirational notes from Menino do Rio by Caetano Veloso, Teus Lindos Olhos by Voz de Cabo Verde, Je Crois Entendre Encore/Romance de Nadir by Bizet.

Cover photo by VJ
Cover design by Raul Reis (

(C) (P) Vitor Joaquim / SPA, 2019

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