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“Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic has found a common ground among garage band rock, classical, minimalism, UK progressive rock, and it’s own favorite noises.“ – The New York Times

The Fossil Record is a collection of rare & unreleased studio recordings by the original lineup of Birdsongs of the Mesozoic. While you can hear the original studio recordings that the band released + mucho bonus material, on our double release „Dawn Of The Cycads“, this is like an alternate history of the band from their beginnings until Roger left the band.

Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic began in 1980 as a side project by half of Boston’s famed rock band, Mission Of Burma: Roger Miller and Martin Swope. Miller and Swope joined forces with Rick Scott and Erik Lindgren for what was originally conceived as a recording project only. In 1983, they released a self titled EP, „Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic“.

With the demise of Mission Of Burma at about the same time as the EP’s release, Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic became a full time band for all members. In 1985 they released another lp, „Magnetic Flip“, and set out on extensive touring to support its release. A year later they released another EP, „Beat Of The Mesozoic“, and again set out on tour.

Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic has earned international recognition for their innovative sound. The New York Times called them „the world’s hardest rocking chamber music quartet.“ Their unlikely mix of rock, punk, classical, minimalism, and free-form sound appeals to a broad range of musical tastes. Birdsongs‘ instrumentation is also quite extraordinary: piano, two synthesizers, guitar, and saxophone blend with electronic and acoustic percussion, creating an end result that is rich in texture and pleasing to the ear. 

„The phoenix that rose from the ashes of Mission of Burma looked disconcertingly like…well, a pterodactyl. By the time Birdsongs of the Mesozoic’s first EP was released, in 1983, Mission of Burma (of which Birdsongs keyboardist Roger Miller and guitarist Martin Swope were charter members, though on different instruments) had dissolved, and this band subsequently became a full-time gig.
The Fossil Record collects rare and unreleased studio recordings from a period beginning with the band’s earliest days and ending with Miller’s departure in 1988. The album opens with a 1980 version of „Sound Valentine“ (which would be the lead track on the band’s debut EP three years later) and bops between spiky, modal minimalist pieces („Pulse Piece“), slabs of zen aggression („Chen/The Arousing“), prehistoric tarantellas („Lqabblil Insanya“), and unexpected cover versions (Brian Eno’s „Sombre Reptiles“).
Very few bands have ever managed to straddle the worlds of modern classical music and rock as successfully as this one did. This compilation makes a good introduction to [the band].“

– AllMusic 

released March 29, 1995

Erik Lindgren: Minimoog, Memorymoog, CompuRhythm CR-78, Oberheim DX, percussion, upright piano (2)
Roger Miller: upright, Wurlitzer electric and Yamaha CP-70 pianos, pump organ (1)
Rick Scott: Farfisa organ, Yamaha DX-7, abbreviated clarinet, percussion
Martin Swope: guitar, percussion
Michael Cohen: percussion (3-5)

1-2 recorded May-June, 1980
3-5 recorded August 10, 1982
6 recorded October, 1983
7-10 recorded March-June, 1986
11-14 recorded August, 1987
15 recorded May, 1986
16 recorded July 11, 1984

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