Cuneiform: Piero Milesi – The Nuclear Observatory Of Mr. Nanof / Dieses Wochenende für Five

„An ethereal wonder from an Italian architect / music installation & soundtrack master. A lush adventure of mediative synth and melodic scores for lyricon and small chamber ensemble. Highly recommended to astronautic mineral engineers of the mental system.“

Milanese composer Piero Milesi was one of the most prominent Italian artists in the field of electronic minimalism.

After having studied cello, he graduated with a degree in experimental and electronic music composition from the Milan conservatory. He then joined the Gruppo Folk Internazionale entourage and got a degree in architecture with a thesis on the relationship between space and sound. Working in a melodic vein, The Nuclear Observatory Of Mr. Nanof veers from ethereal solo keyboard electronics to scores for lyricon and small chamber ensemble. Lovely, yet also rich musically.

released January 1, 1986

Track 1, 4 & 7 from the film „The Nuclear Observatory Of Mr. Nanof“ (L’Osservatorio Nucleare Del Sig. Nanof), produced by Studio Azzurro (1985), directed by Paolo Rosa. Recorded at Capannone Studio, Vimodrone. Soundtrack produced by Grazia Fava and Studio Azzurro.

Track 2, 3, 5, 6 & 8 from the film „The Oversize House“ (La Casa Fuori Misura), produced and directed by Giulia Ciniselli (1985). Recorded and mixed at Cinemusic Studios, Milan.

Track 9, 10 & 17 from „King’s Night“ (La Notte Dei Re), project for Epiphany 1986, by Sisto Dalla Palma.

Track 11 from the video „The Presence Of The City“ (La Presenza Della Citta), directed by Gabriella Belotti, produced by The University For Architecture of Milan (1984). Recorded and mixed at J.S. Bach Studio, Milan.

Track 13 , 14, 15 from the film „La Variabile Felsen“, produced by Studio Azzurro (1988), diected by Paolo Rosa. Recorded at Regson Studio, Milan.

Track 16 Music For Advertising. Recorded at Deffenu Studio, Milan, Italy.

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