Cuneiform: Richard Leo Johnson – The Legend Of Vernon McAlister / Dieses Wochenende für FIVE

„You can hear jazz, blues, folk and classical at times, but the lasting impression is how meaningful and heartfelt every note sounds; this is endless invention in the service of a private yet compelling beauty.“ – JazzTimes

This CD is very low key, very personal and very extraordinary. Best known for his blazing speed and unusual techniques on the acoustic guitar, „Richard Leo Johnson has emerged from the fringe of the Mississippi Delta to become one of the baddest axe slingers in the land.“ – Jazziz


„A truly beautiful guitar record. This gentleman was given one of those metal acoustic guitars and fell in love with it. Ostensibly, this is a „country blues“ CD – he starts off in the John Fahey realm, played very well and comfortably. But by the end his playing has become so evocative that you forget you’re hearing acoustic guitars (he overdubs at times). He incorporates some „avant-garde“ techniques as the album goes on, but they are worked so smoothly into the sequence that they are not important in and of themselves – it’s more how they make the music feel. This disc is at times achingly beautiful, at times relaxedly comfortable, and at times mysterious and otherworldy. There was a type of music that guitarists tried to get at some years ago when they worked the John Fahey/ Leo Kotke realm, but they never quite got. This is actually it (to my ears.). And it was recorded in his attic.“
-Roger Miller/Mission of Burma


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