Henning Bolte: Radio on Demand by Concertzender Oktober 2015

Art of the Improvisers: 


Three remarkable names, three remarkable new albums: saxophonist Rodrigo Amado from Lisbon, saxophonist Darius Jones and bass guitarist Simon Jermyn from New York. Ah, and a variety of great musicians involved: Joe McPhee, Kent Kessler, Chris Corsano, Mat Mitchell, Sean Conly, Pascal Niggenkemper, Ches Smith, Emilie Lesbros, Ingrid Laubrock, Mat Maneri, Tom Raney. Wax your ears!




Byzantine voices deeply vibrating from a distant place. Sacral vocals from the depth of times, within the duration of space. Male choirs with female singers Márta Sebestyén and Nektaria Karantzi.

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