Lucky LPH 457 – Refreshment Hut (1963-2020)

Ich bin mir sehr sicher, das ich alles… Hier geht es um Erfrischungen und oder Imbissstuben… ? Neues aus der Welt der Commercials…YYYOOOUUUU Understand! Cooles Teil 😉


(1963) Johnny Cymbal – Refreshment Time
(1966) Moscow RTV Symphony Orchestra, dir. Gennadi Rozhdestvensky – The Guests Take Refreshment (moderato) (from Sergei Prokofiev’s „Cinderella“)
(1968) A. P. Dangerfield – Conversations (In a Station Light Refreshment Bar)
(1980) Bob Cobbing + Henri Chopin – Refreshment Break
(1989) BBC Sound Effect – National Hunt Racing, refreshment hut, very busy with chat
(1989) Diet Coke commercial – This is Refreshment
(1994) Evil Moisture – 9 Lymph-Node Kebab Skewer. U-Boat (Anal Fusilage Mix). Vomit Refreshment. Drain Age.
(1998) Enon – Refreshment Pavillion Theme
(2000) Fingathing – A Light Refreshment
(2003) Kim Fowley – Liquid Refreshment for the Soul
(2009) Bodily Wastes – Pleasant Refreshment by Abundant Fountain of Bloodmixed Urine and Liquid Stool Squirting Simultaneously Out of the Juicy Twat of a Female Suffering from Rectovaginal Fistula, Haematuria and Severe Indigestion
(2014) Fountain – Refreshment
(2017) Barbaric Penetration – Liquified Genital Refreshment
(2017) Eevee – Refreshment
(2018) goo age – Refreshment Melon Boost
(2020) Alvarez – Temple of Refreshment

total time: 33’40

Refreshed by Lucky.
Cover from a drive-in theater ad.
Dedicated to your refreshening.

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