Lucky LPH 501 – Orang Lucky Moves the Meat! (1941-77)

Bringt das Fleisch in Bewegung! So oder so ähnlich ist der Titel zu übersetzen. Natürlich steckt „Fleisch“ in jedem Titel bzw. Musik. Angerichtet wird das ganze von u.a. Dizzy Gillespie, Stanley Turrentine, Johnny Mercer, Jack Dupree, The Nicholas Brothers. Lasst Euch schmecken!


(1941) Fats Waller + His Rhythm – All That Meat and No Potatoes
(1946) Memphis Minnie – Lean Meat Won’t Fry
(1947) Johnny Mercer + The King Cole Trio – Save the Bones for Henry Jones (‚Cause Henry Don’t Eat No Meat)
(1948) Edgar Hayes Orchestra – Fat Meat ’n‘ Greens
(1948) Memphis Seven – Grunt Meat Blues
(1949) Dizzy Gillespie Orchestra – Hey Pete, Let’s Eat Mo‘ Meat
(1950) Joe Thomas Orchestra – Raw Meat
(1951) The Swallows – It Ain’t the Meat (It’s the Motion)
(1952) Grandpa Jones – The Closer to the Bone (the Sweeter is the Meat)
(1953) Jack Dupree – Ain’t No Meat on de Bone
(1955) Pete Jolly Sextet – Pete’s Meat
(1957) The Nicholas Brothers with Frank Barcley’s Calypso Band – One Meat Ball
(1958) H. Bomb Ferguson + His Mad Lads – Spaghetti, and Meat Ball
(1960) Roosevelt Sykes – Set the Meat Outdoors
(1964) George Kirby – (I Want Some) Meat on My Tomatoes
(1966) Lord Kitchener – Take You‘ Meat Out Me Rice
(1966) Stanley Turrentine Quartet – Meat Wave
(1966) Bobby Timmons Trio – Souce Meat
(1969) Mitch Ryder – Meat
(1973) Charles Bevel – Porcupine Meat
(1973) Mandrill – Mango Meat
(1976) Lonnie Smith – Lean Meat
(1977) Ultrafunk – Meat Heat

total time: 78’11

Moved by Lucky.
Cover from an ad by the American Meat Institute of the 1950s (from Grassroot Markmen).
Dedicated to OUR movin‘ meat.

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