Mo’Jazz 1955-1965 A Decade Of Jazz : 1956 By Dubbel Dee
Tracks from Max Roach Plus Four, Johnny Griffin, Miles Davis, Jackie McLean, Clifford Brown and more.

Grandioser Mix aus der goldenen Zeit des Jazz !


Lee Morgan Indeed! is the debut album by jazz trumpeter Lee Morgan released on the Blue Note label. It was recorded on November 4, 1956 and features performances by Morgan, Clarence Sharpe, Horace Silver, Wilbur Ware and Philly Joe Jones. From 1956 onwards, Silver recorded exclusively for Blue Note, eventually becoming close to label boss Alfred Lion, who allowed him greater input on aspects of album production than was usual at the time. During his years with Blue Note, Silver helped to create the rhythmically forceful branch of jazz known as „hard bop“. While Silver’s compositions at this time featured surprising tempo shifts and a range of melodic ideas, they caught the attention of a wide audience. His own piano playing easily shifted from aggressively percussive to lushly romantic within just a few bars. At the same time, his sharp use of repetition was funky even before that word could be used in polite company. Clifford Brown died in 1956 so I used „Wail Bait“ in the intro.

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