„Satanique Samba Trio“ Live At Bimhuis 28.05.2017 (!!!)

Dazzling collage of styles by Brazilian underground phenomenon (confusingly enough, not an actual trio). ‘They take traditional Brazilian music forms and turn them on their head’ (Beatmag).


„Satanique Samba Trio“

Munha da 7: bass/leader,

Lucas ‘Sombrio’ Muniz: bassclarinet,

Gustavo ‘Don Chavez’ Elias: guitar,

Jota Dale cavaquinho & Lupa Marques: drums

The name might suggest otherwise, but the Satanique Samba Trio is nothing like a samba trio. The five-piece formation from Brasília takes the clichés of samba, bossa nova and other Brazilian styles and severely deconstructs them into eccentric music that draws comparisons with musical dissidents such as Captain Beefheart and Os Mutantes. The band, which includes a bass clarinet player, gained cult status with their many performances, supporting Tom Zé and Naná Vasconcelos for example. In the past 15 years they have released albums with appropriate titles such as Misantropicalia and Bad Trip Simulator.

Presentation: Koen Schouten
Recording: Micha de Kanter

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