The Wire: Chris Bohn presents Adventures In Sound And Music

The 2 February edition of The Wire’s weekly show on Resonance FM and Resonance Extra featured tracks by Langham Research Centre & John Butcher, Camae Ayewa, Lydia Lunch, AGF, and more.

Essential Logic
“Mother Earth”
From Land Of Kali
(Hiss And Shake)

Elisa Diedhiou
“Aline Sitoe”
From Ears Of The People: Ekonting Songs From Senegal And Gambia
(Smithsonian Folkways)

“Kupala [Ukrainian]”
From UttuEP

Sabu Toyozumi & Lao Dan
“Water Traveller”
From Five Rings Secret
(Chap Chap)

Langham Research Centre & John Butcher
“A Thousand Small Deliberations”
From Six Hands At An Open Door
(Persistence Of Sound)

Camae Ayewa

Kan Mikami & Mamer
“Mikami Civil Engineering Company”
From 大感情/Great Emotion

“NMB #3”
From Karassage 3: Not My Business

Keiji Haino
“Whenever Wherever, Quietly Plotting, So That It Can Keep On Becoming (Resonating)”
From Whenever Wherever, Quietly Plotting, So That It Can Keep On Becoming (Resonating)(Sub Pop)

From Dream Hacker

Wolf Raven
“Tulse Once”
From Wolf Eyes + Various: Difficult Messages

Die Krupps
“Wahre Arbeit – Wahrer Lohn”
From Wahre Arbeit – Wahrer Lohn
(Suezan Studio)

Mick Harvey
“A Suitcase In Berlin”

House Of All
“Harlequin Duke”
From House Of All
(Tiny Global Productions)

Lydia Lunch
“War Pigs”
From The War Is Never Over

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