„Under The Surface“ Live At Bimhuis 19.01.2018

Under the Surface was formed by drummer Joost Lijbaart (known as a member of Yuri Honing’s bands), young vocalist Sanne Rambags (winner of the Conservatorium Talent Award 2017) and guitarist Bram Stadhouders (who previously collaborated with Netherlands Chamber Choir, Jim Black and Sidsel Endresen). They have developed what they consider to be a ‘universal language’, with their exceptional ensemble playing.


Under the Surface

Joost Lijbaart:  drums/percussion,

Sanne Rambags: voice,

Bram Stadhouders: guitar

Sanne Rambags is one of the few singers of her generation who’s able to improvise in an open way, sometimes with self-written lyrics and poems and sometimes by using her voice as an instrument, joining the musicians in their open group sound. Joost Lijbaart is renowned as a top player in Dutch jazz. Bram Stadhouders is one of the most promising musicians in the European improv scene.

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