WIRE: Meg Woof presents Adventures In Sound And Music: Kashual Plastik special

The 27 May edition of The Wire’s weekly show on Resonance FM featured tracks by QOW, Loraine James, Sweepsculp and Piezo, plus a special guest mix by Frans Æmbient, founder of Berlin based experimental label Kashual Plastik


From Dawafer
(Genot Centre)

“Slucent Edge”
From Sweepsculp
(Nous’klaer Audio)

From Perdu

Loraine James
“Simple Stuff”
From Reflection

Frans Æmbient guest mix

Maths Balance Volumes “We Had Time” (Penultimate Press)
People Skills “Box Symphony” (Kashual Plastik)
Austictici “Wire Cage For Tiny Birds” (12k)
Greymouth “Emporer’s New Crows” (Careful Catalog)
??? “Jūreivis Ir Sirena” (forthcoming Kashual Plastik)
Malvern Brume “Two Parts Around A Stubborn Barrier In The Moor” (Low Company)
Crescent “Quince Flowers” (Snapshot)
Batang Frisco “Care/Know” (self released)
Desmond Simmons “Bing Crosby’s Hat” (WMO)
A Silver Mt Zion “Angels standing guard round your bed” (Constellation)
People Skills “Blue Flame Deceleration” (Kashual Plastik)
His Name Is Alive “Do You Want To Come To My Party” (4AD)
Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt “The Monster Of Yesa” (Ultra Eczema)
Inkasso “Dubios” (unreleased)
ML “For Thee Exotic” (Brew)
Laura Palmer “Stop Pretending You Are Not A Monster” (Marguerite)
Jacob Stoy “The Ultimate Traum” (Uncanny Valley)
TRjj “Babies Lviv” (Stroom)
Lathe Burin “When It Was Youth” (forthcoming Kashual Plastik)

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