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Bandcamp: The Best Jazz Albums of 2019 By Dave Sumner

Dave Sumner bringt es in seinen Text zu den Best of Jazz 2019 auf den Punkt. Kategorisierungen helfen niemanden weiter. 2019 ist ein gutes Beispiel für den sich ausbreitenden Jazz in seiner ganzen Vielfalt, den es gibt keinen Mainstream mehr… „Categorizable or not, traditional or new: This is the shape of jazz today.“ Dave Sumner. Viel spass beim Entdecken!


It is impossible to give a single, descriptive name to the modern jazz sound, because it’s still evolving—and 2019 is the best evidence of that to date. Each new sound is simply a step on the way to the next new sound, and each is a reminder that the world is a very big place. The expanse of this music’s reach reflects the diversity of the musicians who are making it. The absence of a cohesive sound has led to criticism that the modern jazz scene lacks an identity—the ability to point to the music and say, “this is that music.” And it’s true. It has become increasingly difficult to answer the question “Is this even jazz?” That uncertainty, though, is the source of the modern scene’s strength. It’s a sign that the creativity is boundless—that it represents the broad spectrum of who we are, and can’t be easily boiled down to some commodified product. Categorizable or not, traditional or new: This is the shape of jazz today.© Text: Dave Sumner

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