BIMHUIS TV „Michael Moore’s Fragile Quartet“ Part 1

Michael Moore alto saxophone/(bass)clarinet, Harmen Fraanje piano, Clemens van der Feen doublebass, Gerry Hemingway drums ‘Less is Moore: this clarinet and alto player can do surprisingly many things with few notes’ (Vrij Nederland). In a renewed line-up with drummer Gerry Hemingway.

Alto sax and clarinet player Michael Moore is renowned all over the world for his beautiful tone and his rich musical imagination. He continuously brings in new impulses in the Amsterdam improv scene, as a writing member of ICP Orchestra or as the leader of his own band. The California-born reeds player combines the best of different worlds: the finesse of the American jazz tradition, the anarchy of New Dutch Swing and the unusual sounds of non-Western folk music. The four musicians in Michael Moore’s Fragile Quartet find challenges in their differences in age and experience. Michael Moore has written the compositions especially for them: song-like melodies, often without instructions and with freedom to improvise. The result moves between intimate chamber music and expressive free jazz. The album Cretan Dialogues introduces a renewed line-up: alongside pianist Harmen Fraanje and double bassist Clemens van der Feen, who have been playing with Moore for years, the band recently welcomed Gerry Hemingway. The American drummer made name at the BIMHUIS in bands with, among others, Ray Anderson, Ernst Reijseger and Anthony Braxton.

© BIMHUIS | January 16th 2020

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