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BBC Radio 3 Freeness: Mary Halvorson

This week features a selection from the New York guitarist Mary Halvorson’s latest album with her group Code Girl that combines halting rhythms, artful pitch bends and crystalline folk vocals. 

Plus, a piece full of twists and turns by vibraphonist Patricia Brennan; a blazing cut from saxophonist Courtney Pine’s 1990 album Within The Realms Of Our Dreams and a group of improvisers pay homage to the music of the American bassist and oud player Ahmed Abdul-Malik, who integrated Middle Eastern and North African music styles.

Produced by Rebecca Gaskell
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3

1 Natalia Beylis – Sarc, Belfast, Ireland, No. 1

2 Courtney Pine – A Raggamuffin & His Lance

3 Bacon Grease – I Want To Be

4 Mary Halvorson’s Code Girl – The Lemon Trees

5 Mary Halvorson’s Code Girl – Artlessly Falling

6 Mary Halvorson’s Code Girl – Muzzling Unwashed

7 Steph Richards – Supersense

8 Ahmed – Nights on Saturn (communication)

9 Olie Brice, Binker Golding, Henry Kaiser, N.O. Moore & Eddie Prévost – Door 1

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