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BBC Radio 3 Late Junction: Loraine James’s mixtape

Verity Sharp presents a mixtape of cutting edge electronics by producer Loraine James and we bring the outside in with field recordings from around the world.

Cutting-edge producer Loraine James takes on the Late Junction mixtape, showcasing 30 minutes of radical electronics to rouse the spirits. James’s latest album For You And I drew on the sounds of London’s nightlife, fusing grime, jungle and dub into a series of woozy juxtapositions. For this mixtape she throws the net wide with dark industrial club music from Manchester, juke from LA, and Belizean punta from Chicago.

Elsewhere Verity Sharp brings the outside world in, with a field recording of a 100-year-old windmill in Sweden recorded by Graham Dunning, a cacophonous murmuration of starlings recorded on a lawn in Ahmedabad and the sounds of people singing from their balconies in Rome.

Produced by Alannah Chance.
A Reduced Listening production for BBC Radio 3.

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1 Kostas Bezos And The White Birds – The White Birds In The Mountains

2 Geoff Gersh – NYC Times Square (field recording)

3 Will Cohen – London’s Trafalgar Square (field recording)

4 Daria Corrias – Rome Terrace (field recording)

5 Loraine James – Hand Drops

6 José-Luis Orozco – Up High Down Low

7 Jeff Parker – Build A Nest (feat. Ruby Parker)

8 Jola – Ulad Bambara (The Children of the Bambara)


10 Verity Sharp – The Bird, The Bridge and the Boy (field recording)

11 Graham Dunning – Windchange

12 The Beacon Sound Choir – Drone 3

13 Aurlus Mabélé – Rosine

14 Loraine James – Words Ears Mouth

15 Aphex Twin – Windowlicker

16 Loraine James – For You And I

17 Jessy Lanza – Lick In Heaven

18 Pop Smoke – Shake The Room

19 T2 – Heartbroken

20 Jessy Lanza – Lick In Heaven

21 A2A – Turf

22 Kilig – Blue Coat, Red Dress

23 Pop Smoke – Welcome To The Party

24 Compton – 10 Toes Down

25 L. Lund – Kops

26 Ariel Zetina – Eyeshadow Fallout

27 FUMU – FM

28 Peder Mannerfelt – P Threaten P

29 Brent Faiyaz – Rehab (Ase Manual & Uniiqu3 Edit)

30 T2 – Heartbroken

31 Phil Smith – Brighton Soon

32 Yuu Kurihara & Cousin Silas – At the Window

33 Atlantis Transit – Bird Perspective

34 Alannah Chance – NID birds (field recording)

35 Vashti Bunyan – Swallow Song

36 Leo Abrahams, Solyst & Simon Fisher Turner – From Isolation 1 03

37 Horse Lords – The Radiant City

38 Eva Q. Mansson – Guitar hanging in the snow – Quirentia (field recording)

39 The Beacon Sound Choir – Can’t Wrap My Head Around It

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