Bimhuis Radio: Maarten Hogenhuis Trio +3

Maarten Hogenhuis celebrates international success with his hard grooving jazz formation BRUUT! With his own trio he reveals other sides of his playing, for example the standards and ballads of the album Mimicry or the melodic songs on Rise & Fall.

Each year, the North Sea Jazz Festival commissions a promising Dutch jazz composer. In 2019, saxophonist Maarten Hogenhuis was selected. He wrote music for his trio, augmented with horn masters Joris Roelofs (bass clarinet), Bruno Calvo (trumpet) and Mete Erker (tenor sax). In his composition, Hogenhuis strives for the tension between recognizable and abstract sounds. His background in jazz and pop music are vital in this process.

Maarten Hogenhuis Trio +3

Bruno Calvo: trumpet
Maarten Hogenhuis: alto sax
Mete Erker: tenor sax
Joris Roelofs: bass clarinet
Clemens van der Feen: doublebass
Mark Schilders: drums

Bimhuis | July 18th 2020

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