Cuneiform: Forever Einstein – Racket Science / Dieses Wochenende für FIVE

„…a must have for the ardent fan of progressive rock or perhaps any rock related genre, as this gang produces a distinct style and methodology that is perhaps unparalled in the business“
– Glenn Astarita/All About Jazz

„…eccentric, highly original instrumental music that is stimulating, musically challenging and remarkably accessible…the group show that music can be complex, category defining and far reaching and have innate melodic content. Despite the complexities of the music, the trio has a remarkably clean and uncluttered sound.“
– Mick Skidmore/Relix

„They truly deserve the title of power trio. Essentially a rock album, but with some very diverse influences…full of power and complexity“
– Wonderous Stories


Forever Einstein.

Charles O’Meara – guitars
John Roulat – drums
Kevin Gerety – electric double bass

This album was the final release by Forever Einstein who recorded five very distinctive albums for us between 1990 and 2005.

Forever Einstein were an instrumental guitar/bass/drums progressive rock outfit whose roots include musical forms not normally associated with ‘progressive rock’, such as blues, bluegrass, cartoon and film noir soundtracks, surf-rock, western swing and other very American musical forms that stretch back 60 years or more.

Additionally, they included a lot of humor into their work, which made for a musical twist. They use familiar musical elements in unfamiliar and interesting ways, and as a consequence, their music is somehow quite familiar, while being startlingly different. You may love them or you may not, but NO ONE else sounds remotely like Forever Einstein!

„Charles O’Meara (formerly C.W. Vrtacek), lead guitarist and founder of the Forever Einstein trio, has carved out a strange little niche for himself over the past 20 years or so. Not just a rock, surf, folk, jazz or experimental guitarist, O’Meara is, instead, a bit of each. He doesn’t blow the listener away with his power chords and/or dazzling fretwork (although he may well have the capability); he surprises and delights with his juxtapositions. He and bass/rhythm guitarist Kevin Gerety are also masters of the effects pedal, so the various stylistic jumps within songs are enhanced by changes from tremolo to fuzz, or wah-wah to reverb, and so on…
…I dunno what it all means, but after a few listens this and the other 11 selections on the CD begin to resemble musical short stories with intriguing but inscrutable narratives. O’Meara’s guitars are featured throughout the CD, but the contributions of Gerety and Roulat shouldn’t be underestimated, as they serve to keep the music grounded and real. The end result, paradoxically, is experimental blue-collar, no-frills instrumental rock.“
– Bill Tilland / AllMusic

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