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Cuneiform: Radio Massacre International – Emissaries / Dieses Wochenende für Seven

„If you like Berlin school 1970’s electronics…this is a feast of scorching sequencers and synthesizers, laced with searing guitars over lots of cool outer space drifting.“ – Expose

Radio Massacre International is a British trio of Steve Dinsdale (keyboards, electronics), Duncan Goddard (keyboards, electronics) and Gary Houghton (guitar, keyboards). These three musicians have worked together in various configurations since the early 1980’s and formed R.M.I. in 1993. They released their first album in 1995 and since that time have released dozens and dozens of albums.

Appealing to fans of classic era work by Ashra/Manuel Gottsching, Heldon, Pink Floyd, Popol Vuh, Steve Roach, Klaus Schulze and Tangerine Dream, Radio Massacre International are considered one of the greats of the current spacemusic/electronic music scene.

Emissaries is intended to introduce the band to the music world at large outside of the electronic music cognoscenti. This deluxe 2 album set features a new studio album, a live album recorded at radio station WXPN in Philadelphia during their 2004 USA performances and a stunning cover by cartoonist Matt Howarth.

Steve Dinsdale:
Lamm MemoryMoog, Mellotron MAQ 16/3 sequencer, percussion, great British spring, devices

Duncan Goddard:
Yamaha CS50 & CS30, P3 sequencer, MAQ 16/3 sequencer, Roland SH3A repeater, Moog source, Ibanez musician bass, Korg VC-10 vocoder, & ES-1 sampler, devices

Gary Houghton:
Fender Esquire & Stratocaster, Tokai Stratocaster, acoustic guitar, jam-man, theremin, devices

Disc One recorded Autumn, 2004 at Northern Echo (South) and the Greenhouse, UK.

Disc Two recorded live at WXPN radio, Philadelphia, PA, May 9, 2004 for Star’s End.

released May 10, 2005

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