Klanghorizonte vom 19.12.2020 / 5 Stunden Musik mit Michael Engelbrecht

Über Robert Wyatt und Alfie Beng aus Ihrem Buch „Side By Side“, Zeitreisen mit Bernard Herrmann, Tony Allen, Ran Blake und neues von u.a. Dino Saluzzi, Lambchop, Gwenifer Raymond, Simon Kirby, Tom Perman.

FIRST HOUR – NEW ALBUMStalking 1 /  Gwenifer Raymond: Strange Lights over Garth Mountain, from Strange Light over Garth Mountain / Dino Saluzzi: Ausencias, from Albores („an exercise in haunted beauty from beginning to end, ‘Albores’ depicts the process of discovery as fluid, evolutionary, undying. This recital intimately portrays Saluzzi’s total immersion in the world of sound and his experience in it as the connective tissue of his life.“ – Thom Jurek, All Music) / talking 2 / Matt Berninger: Loved so little, from Serpentine Prison (produced by Booker T. Jones) / Dino Saluzzi: Intimo, from Albores / Lambchop: Reservations, from Trip / Loma: Thorn, from Don‘t Shy Away / talking 3 / Music from the album Super Heavy Metal Music (definitely not heavy metal as you know it)

SECOND HOUR – NEW ALBUMS Belbury Poly, from The Gone Away / talking 1 / Simon Kirby, Tom Perman, Rob St. John: Phonaestheme, from Sing the Gloaming / Roger and Brian Eno: from Luminous / talking 3 / Anja Lechner & Francois Couturier, from Lontano / Ian William Craig and David Lentz: Track 2, from In  a Word / talking 3 / Peter Schwalm & Arve Henriksen, from Neuzeit (one of our albums of the month, see column with review by Uli Koch)

THIRD HOUR – CLOSE-UP: „Just as you are“ – Robert Wyatt and Alfie Benge (based on the book „Side By Side“, songs, paintings, my unforgettable encounters, once upon a time, with the couple at London‘s Westbank, and a very fine biography)

FOURTH HOUR – TIME TRAVEL 1 – talking 1 / Beverly Glenn-Copeland: La Vita, Ever New, from Transmissions – The Music of Beverly Glenn-Copeland / talking 2 / Neil Young: Separate Ways, from Homegrown /  Willie Nelson: from the album Stardust (produced by Booker T. Jones) / Bernard Herrmann: from Vertigo O.S.T / Ran Blake & Andrew Rathbun: Vertigo, from Northern Noir / Al Green: Judy, aus Let‘s Stay Together / Ran Blake & Andrew Rathbun: Judy, from Northern Noir / talking 3 / Gary Peacock, Keith Jarrett, Jack DeJohnette: Tone Field, from Tales of Another

FIFTH HOUR – TIME TRAVEL 2Terje Rypdal: two compositions from Descendre, with Palle Mikkelborg and Jon Christensen / talking 1 / Jon Hassell: Hex, from Vernal Equinox /// Nachrichten und Tagesspiegel um 5.30 bis 5.40 /// Robert Wyatt: A Beautiful Peace, from: Comicopera / talking 2 / Tony Allen: Ise Nla, Morose, Aye Le,  from: Lagos No Shaking („Honest Jon’s Records is fast becoming a haven for treasures left-field, lost and overlooked, and has given Allen his head and let him do Lagos No Shaking. Recorded over 10 nights in the Nigerian capital, the record effortlessly proves that this older generation can still show the Afrobeat way. As might be expected, the album is rhythmically faultless, the percussion being allowed to breathe in its own space, while the horns are reassuringly rude, and the guitar figures conjure a trance for a dance, if you will.“)

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