Nightvideo: Microcorps’ “UVU”

Alex Tucker shares a video from his new humanoid project inspired by dreams and machines.

Microcorps is the new hybrid project by UK musician Alex Tucker. His forthcoming album XMIT, released by Alter, investigates “erasing the self, removing obvious traits of the hand and voice, and allowing a focus on the humanoid rather than the human”. The record also features manipulated performances from electronic artists Nik VoidGazelle TwinAstrud Steehouder and Simon Fisher Turner.

Mirroring Tucker’s audio aims to meld dream music with machine rhythms, this new video for the track “UVU” incorporates digital landscapes with natural surfaces. “I wanted to make something that reflected the cold realm of the current Microcorps world,” the artist explains, “using black and white digital landscapes alongside footage I shot in Walthamstow Wetlands Nature Reserve. In the film I created these liminal transitions between the synthetic and human to reflect the track’s use of machine-led systems and processed acoustic instruments. I liked the idea of combining the natural elements of soil and water interacting with these disembodied limbs, and laminating this with artificial landscapes and elemental forces.”

Microcorps’ XMIT is released by Alter on 16 April.

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