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Sounds of 2014 von Harry Lachner … In absichtsvoll wahlloser Ordnung ….

‚Selbst in beschädigter Form‘ (c) Harry Lachner

1. Pere Ubu Carnival of Souls

2. The Nels Cline Singers Macroscope

3. Melvins Hold It In

4. Wadada Leo Smith Red Hill

5. Xiu Xiu Angel Guts: Red Classroom

6. Ø (Mika Vainio) Konstellaatio

7. Swans To Be Kind

8. Marc Ribot Trio Live at the Village Vanguard

9. The Young Mothers A Mothers Work Is Never Done

10. Nazoranai The Most Painful Time…

11. Phantom Orchard Ensemble Through the Looking-Glass

12. Matthew Shipp I’ve Been To Many Places

13. Happy Family Minimal Gods

14. Edward Ka-Spel & Philippe Petit Are You Receiving Us, Planet Earth?!

15. Pharmakon Bestial Burden

16. Brandon Ross For Living Lovers

17. John Zorn Valentine’s Day

18. Zu + Eugene S. Robinson The Left Hand Path

19. Elliott Sharp 4 a.m. Always

20. Aram Bajakian There Were Flowers Also in Hell

21. Tētēma Geocidal

22. Thurston Moore The Best Day

23. Gazelle Twin Unflesh

24. Mike Cooper & Chris Abrahams Trace

25. Zion 80 Adramelech: Book of Angels 22

26. Sunn O))) & Ulver Terrestrials

‚Hausgeist Loplop‘ (c) Harry Lachner

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